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Haterk Food

Welcome to Haterk Food - 100% natural products from the heart of Artsakh

Delivery and Payment

Delivery Procedure:

In Yerevan, delivery is free for orders over 10,000 drams, and for orders under 10,000 drams, the delivery cost is 700 drams. In the regions, the conditions are slightly different: free delivery is provided for orders over 20,000 drams, and for orders under 20,000 drams, the delivery cost is 2,000 drams. Moreover, if you do not like the taste of the ordered product, you can return it within two days, and we will refund the money. We will also add this information to the “General Provisions” section of our website.

Payment Procedure

Payment on Haterk is made in two ways – online or in person. Online payments are made through internet banking and payment systems Arca, Visa, MasterCard, Мир (Idram ARCA, ACBA CREDIT AGRICOL BANK. Holders of ARCA, Virtual ARCA, Visa, and MasterCard cards are served.)

Manual payments are made at the time of delivery in Armenian drams. Payment through a Pos-terminal is also accepted.

Haterk reserves the right to correct any detected payment errors for compensation or reimbursement, as provided in the Haterk User Protection Rules, by transferring or debiting funds from the user’s respective payment system.

Prices for goods presented on the site are final and include all taxes.