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Honey with nuts

5,500 ֏ - 8,000 ֏ (Based on weight)

 Recipe author:  Dr. Samvel Mirzakhanyan



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  • Prepared according to a special recipe: honey, 10 types of legumes, and dried fruits.
  • Contains all essential amino acids, all fat- and water-soluble vitamins, and valuable trace elements: Zn, Ca, K, Fe, Se, Mg, J, etc.
  • Stimulates the immune system, activates metabolism, restores strength, increases potency and performance, improves eyesight, lowers cholesterol, regulates weight, and prevents a number of diseases.

Awards: Pentawards Gold 2022 / International Quality Mark 2022 / MIC 4.5 Gold 2023

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400 g, 750 g